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Cookies and milk and the meaning of Christmas

What to say about Christmas that hasn’t already been said? I struggled with this until I remembered last night, Christmas Eve, watching Polar Express with my four year old son. (Which I think the animation is so weird, almost creepy, but it’s a nice story) And when Santa shows up and teaches the boy how to hear the bell ringing, to believe in Christmas again, my son turns to me and says, is Santa coming? I want to meet Santa. And really, he wasn’t worried about getting a present, he wanted to meet the symbol of Christmas, and it made me believe in Christmas again, made me shed some of the cynicism, the concern about getting the right gift, or even being jolly.

Since I spent time in the Peace Corps in the Ivory Coast, I had become more cynical of just how much we have in our country when many children around the world have so little. Christmas began to represent those excesses to me, and some of the joy of the holiday became lost to me. I thank my son for returning some of the mystery and joy. So we gave my son cookies and milk and he placed them next to the fireplace, and after my son fell asleep, we ate the cookies and milk, making sure to leave crumbs on the plate and a ring of milk in the glass. And that was the first thing he thought of when he woke up. He wanted to see if Santa had eaten the cookies and drunk the milk. And so did I.

Have a wonderful holiday and new year!

Theme songs

I think I found the theme song for my book. If it became a tv show (dreaming!!!), this would be the intro song. Here are a smattering of lyrics by the band Timber Timbre, song Demon Host. Great song, great band. Check it out.

Death she must have been your will
A bone beneath the reaper’s veil
With your voice my belly sunk
And I began to feel so drunk
Candle candle on my clock
Oh lord I must have heard you knock me out of bed
As the flames licked my head and my lungs filled up black
in their tiny little shack
It was real and I repent
All those messages you sent clear as day, but in the
Oh I couldn’t get it right

Down my throat in the pit, with my head upon the spit
Oh reverend please can I chew your ear? I have become
what I most fear
And I know there’s no such thing as ghosts but I have
seen the demon host…